“As a basketball player I have competed at both varsity and professional levels since leaving High school in 2002. Mark has always made himself available to me, answering any questions or concerns I have had over the years regarding my training and nutrition routine. He has also advised me through my rehabilitation of various injury’s resulting from my chosen sport and rigorous training. I am currently competing as a professional basketball player in Germany and I certainly owe a lot of my abilities and knowledge to Mark, with both the advice and help he has given me.

I have known Mark for many years and it is obvious
he possesses a wealth of knowledge in his specific
field, always presenting himself in a professional
manner. I would certainly recommend Mark to anyone
who is in search of training, injury, or nutritional

Justin Halleran
Professional Basketball Player
Baskets Vilsbiburg, Germany


“Mark and I worked on sports specific workouts to enhance
my speed, agility and overall strength as a soccer player.
He tailored every workout to fit my needs and by the end
of my training period with him I noticed a huge difference
in core strength as well as all other areas we set out to improve on. Not only did I improve but I had a lot of fun
in the process!”

Rachael Goulding
NCAA Division 1 Soccer – Ohio University
U-20 Canadian National Team


“Mark is a fantastic trainer and chiropractor who brings passion, knowledge and thoroughness to all our interactions. We have been training 2-3 times a week for over a year now. He has helped me increase my strength, improve my posture and is doing a great job helping me with my overall well being!

I have always enjoyed our sessions together as they are tough, varied ( well thought out ) and fast paced- all about the business at hand. Having said that we enjoy an hour of laughs at every session as well!!!

Recently I have had a leg injury and Mark, in his capacity as chiropractor, has been a great help in helping me recover from this nagging injury through muscle release therapy, acupuncture and other tricks of the trade. I love the fact that Mark is a specialist in both fields as we have been able, in a holistic way, to get this injury behind me and move forward, without missing a training session.

I have and will continue to recommend Mark as a trainer and/or chiropractor to anyone in need.”

Mark McCain
McCain Foods Group Inc.


“Mark, Just a quick note to thank you for all your hard work this year!

November 15th will mark the one year anniversary of us working out together. Since I started with you I have lost 30lbs, gained a ton or energy, and increased my strength at least 200%. I look better, feel so much better, my back doesn’t hurt all the time and sports are now much more intense. Hockey and wakeboarding are so much more fun, I can’t wait for downhill skiing this year!

Your attention to how I am feeling each week, not doing too much, but kicking my butt regularly have been the perfect blend to help me succeed injury free.

The instruction of proper techniques and posture keep the focus and allow me to work out on my own much more productively when I travel.

Just the right amount of chit chat banter while we are working at the gym, and never standing around wasting time is awesome.

I look forward to another successful year in search of my six pack!!”

Andrew Ternan
BOLT Developments Inc.
BOLT Renewable Energy Inc.
INNOVATIVE Air Solutions Inc.


“Mark combines a passion for precise training and personal attention to his approach. I could not be more pleased with his detailed style and devotion to making a difference.”

Barry Avrich
Film producer/ director
President of Endeavour Marketing


“Let me start off by saying at the age of 40 I’ve never felt so young.

Physically, mentally and emotionally, I feel I’ve excelled beyond my years, in fact the last time I felt like this was 20 years ago!

This of course is all possible because of the knowledge and commitment to precise training that you provide.

I started working out almost a year ago when a good friend of mine suggested being a combined weight of well over 450lbs just didn’t seem right…that advice took us to train with you and together we have lost well over 60 lbs!

Today I weigh in at 185 lbs from a whopping 216 lbs!

I love the fact that you monitor technique when performing exercises, I feel safe from injuries during tough exercises and I’ve managed to use these techniques when training on my own while traveling.

The fact that you’re a Doctor of Chiropractic, Acupuncture provider, and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist gives me the confidence that you’re monitoring and focusing on my core muscle groups, helping me achieve exactly what I want for my body and overall health and saving me from injury.

Thank you for your commitment to improving my health and overall body condition…looking forward to many more years of training.”

Alessandro Munge
Managing Partner
Munge Leung


“I am in my fifties and had never had a personal trainer before. Although I wanted to get fitter and lower my stress levels I was anxious at taking this step. Mark has really helped. He takes a holistic approach, encouraging me to build on success and push myself to another level. I enjoy our sessions and always feel better afterwards.”

Madeleine Lefebvre
Chief Librarian
Ryerson University


I have known Dr. Mark Molloy for over 5 years and he has been, and still is, my personal trainer for 3 of those years.

He is an amazing trainer and person – quietly encouraging when I falter and congratulating when I stay the course, never losing his cool, calm demeanour.

I continue to look forward to my weekly sessions with Mark.

Micki Allen
Marac Enterprises


“For many years I enjoyed running as a means of keeping fit.  However, I had to stop because of chronic knee pain. On-going knee pain really limited my options for cardiovascular exercise, with the result that my fitness level deteriorated. Mark Molloy devised a personal fitness training regime for me that focused on strengthening the leg muscles, especially those that stabilize the knee.    The results have been terrific.   My knees are hugely improved, so much so that I’ve been able to start running again. A welcome side benefit has been a substantial improvement in my overall level of fitness. ”

Jim Wallace
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
University of Toronto


“Mark is the 6th personal trainer I have worked with in the last 10 years and the one I hope to work with the longest.  He has distinguished himself by consistently mixing up my workouts which keeps me interested and focused (and sore in a different spot after each session).  He has always been attentive to, and mindful of my nagging injuries, and has provided useful training tips to help me avoid further injury.  I feel that Mark is committed to ensuring that my sessions are productive and focused on my fitness goals, and on those occasions when I have been less committed, he has provided the encouragement to keep me on track.”

Jennifer Parney
Executive Director, FICD
CIBC World Markets Inc.


“Mark is an outstanding trainer. He designs sessions for me based on my goals and progress – he has great emotional intelligence and knows how to motivate me. His workouts are always interesting and varied.  Mark is a great guy and complete pleasure to deal with. For him, everything is about his clients. Even on days when the last thing I want to do is go to the gym, Mark makes me glad I did it. I feel very lucky to have found him and recommend him very highly to anyone who is looking for something better than just a standard personal trainer.”

Carol Hansell
Senior Partner
Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP


“Mark is a highly competent trainer and is quickly becoming a highly competent chiropractor.  I have been his training client twice weekly for over two years.  His easy personality belies his depth of knowledge.  He has moved me along my fitness path almost without my noticing the hard work involved!  Recently, I became Mark’s chiropractic patient when I experienced an injured shoulder.  While there is no quick fix for my injury, I am confident that Mark has the knowledge and ability to restore my shoulder mobility.  It is highly convenient and beneficial to have a trainer who is also a chiropractor – that way, when problems arise, they can be quickly identified and treated.”



“When I first joined the gym I was not a supporter of a “Personal Trainer”, after 2 years I was not getting anywhere and asked for help; I was assigned  to Mark Molloy. We started off with specific goals, and a plan and we worked through this; albeit I didn’t know some of the exercises but he was very patient and showed me the “ropes” and had a laugh when going through the routines.  I achieved my target and beyond; much fitter than I have been. Highly recommend Mark as a trainer.”

Allyson M Bradnam
Head – Web Channels and Business Architecture
RBC Dexia Investor Services